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Trudy Labell Fine Art *UPDATE*

November 23rd, 2009

Proud to say that Trudy Labell Fine Art (http://www.trudylabellfineart.com) is sporting a new look. Their site is faster and more fluid than ever before. Take a look at some new screen shots:

We cleaned up the back end of their site to make for a faster and more enjoyable experience. The biggest challenge was to display the galleries artwork in a digital medium. In order to keep the high quality and to keep loading times to a minimum we had to load the images externally. This is a way to keep load times short and keep memory usage low aswell.

Aside from updating the look and functionality of Trudy Labell Fine Art (http://www.trudylabellfineart.com) she is also introducing her Artisan Jewlery section. This is where a handful of artists have designed some outstanding works. They are creating art and expressing it in a medium in which one will wear. Along with the Artisan Jewlery she has also brought new artwork from artists like Jean Larson, Joel Babb, Veronique Molinier and many others.

Check out Trudy Labell Fine Art (http://www.trudylabellfineart.com) and also check out our Trudy Labell Fine Art - Portfolio page.

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