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New Background Anyone?

January 26th, 2010

I have grown tired of my old background...It was due for a change and I wanted to try out some different design techniques. So this is my mission....

  1. Change the background on a monthly basis.
    "Why?" you ask?  "Why not?" I answer!  It keeps the page dynamic.  Both regular and occasional users visit the site and will experience a new theme.
  2. Use different photos I have taken as the background.
    You maybe asking yourself again "Why on earth would you do that?"
    Great question my friend! I will answer your question with a question. How do you create something that nobody has seen before? By using your own gathered collection of photos to create artwork. Since nobody has taken that same exact photo with the same exposure and same shutter speed, how would anyone be able to see that same exact style? I may just be fullfilling your question with a lot of other questions, but I believe the heart of the question is answered.
  3. Change some of the design User Interface (UI).
    Now I know exactly what you are thinking, so I am going to stop you right there!
    It does not need to be said, it is time for something new.

Those are some of the goals I strive to complete.   I am always looking for new, great ideas and suggestions from the public to help design to the majority audience. It is something as a designer/developer that you try to get in your reach. Styles and ways of doing things are always in constant motion. One day the fad is wearing Levis 501's, mesh-shirts and Dooleyboppers the next, it is popped-collar Polo shirts, Buckle jeans and flip-flops. To target what catches people's eye and makes it appealing to them is a challenge that will never end.

A friendly reminder: the commenting system is up and running. We welcome all feedback good or bad--it is feedback that we can gain knowledge on.

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