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Web Site Design Marketing Objectives

What is your primary objectives with the site? (Check all that apply)

What is your secondary objectives with the site? (Check all that apply)

How do you expect to use the site?

Will people find you by searching or because you gave them your URL?

Target Audience

Who is your target audience?

Will they be accessing your site via dial up or high-speed connection?

How will you be accessing the site (connection speed and browser)?

What is your target audience looking for?

What questions are your customers constantly asking you?

What can we include that would WOW your customers?

Web Site Design Look and Feel

Have you seen any sites that you would like to model yours after? or site designs to avoid?

What do you like about those sites?

What colors do you prefer for the site?

What images should the site convey?

Home page design: three column tabloid, two column information or splash screen?

How wide do you want your site design to be?

Do you want your pages to be easily printable or do you want to offer PDF files of information rich pages?

Vertical or horizontal navigation bar preference?

Do you want your site to use only graphics, only photos, or both?

Do we need to take photos of you, your staff, your services, or your products?

Do you have any vendor supplied photos or graphics you are authorized to use?


Do you have a logo?

Do you have a digital copy of it?

Do you need a logo created or would a stylized typeset of your company name be sufficient?

Do you have a tag line? How would you describe your business in one sentence?

Web Site Content

Do you have any existing written materials we can start from?

Do you have this information electronically (Check all that apply)?

What menu categories make sense for you. Here are common choices: (Check all that apply)?

Additional categories:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What search terms do you expect your customers will use to find you?

What search engines will they be using?

What organizations, companies or sites can we ask to link to your page?

What organizations, companies or sites would be valuable resources for your readers?

Web Site Technical Details

Have you registered a domain name (i.e.: www.yoursite.com)?

Do you have hosting associated with your domain?

Do you have tour site access information?

Web Site Maintenance

How often do you envision updating the site?

What content will need updating?


What is your timing for this? Beginning and finishing?

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